All dogs currently owned by Limerick and used for breeding are OFA Certified Hips and Elbows. The only exception would be on Frozen Semen from a few past dogs. All puppies born at Limerick are health checked by our Vet and have Bile Acid testing for Liver Shunt before they leave our premises.

Limerick dogs currently have 43 OFA Certifications. For the listings go to:
Click on "Search OFA Records" and search by: Limerick and Irish Wolfhounds.

Please note the following:
Due to recent creation of the CHIC Database, Limerick is in the process of obtaining CHIC numbers for all of our future breeding animals as soon after their second birthday as possible. This would include OFA Certification of Hips and Elbows by radiographs, echocardiogram of the heart by a board certified cardiologist and C.E.R.F. eye examination.